Being Marke


So, hey there! I’ve never had me one of these website-thingies before, and I see I’ve got this bloggie thing that I oughta start using. The site’s not quite active yet so I’m just blogging to imaginary friends at this point. But soon, I will have a real, live audience at my disposal, and I’ll have to entertain them with some semblance of wit and wisdom. Or at least a good string of smart-assed jokes. I’ve got those in spades-somewhat.

Well, as with my songs, my journal and “blogging” has stayed mostly hidden; a feeling of an underlying inability to capture and sustain and audience lies at the core of my body of work. And it’s a sizeable one, as bodies go. If a song is sung on the internet and there’s no one being driven to your page, did it make a sound? That’s some profound metaphorical mularkey right there. I could care more or less if someone hears my things while passing through; but I err on the side of the former. I’ve been writing these songs of heartache, remorse, frustration and revolution for some twenty years, and I hope you all get to hear them the way I first did in my head. I have been hesitant to recruit a band because I’m afraid they won’t capture what I hear in my head, but more so what I hear, or have a sense of, in my heart. I feel nature, I feel the desert, I feel the ocean breeze, in my music and lyrics. I feel the abandoned, cavernous places I would love to play alone to, opening up the echo of sound to the spaces of my imagination, but I would also like an audience to feel it. To be there, and not be there. That’s my dichotomy.

This year, I do intend to be much more than a tree falling in the forest. I want to be the bulldozer that knocked down that tree, the tree being diseased and manifested with bugs and dead roots, and opened up the fresh ground to new life and freshly opened minds sharing their unheard concepts with the world. I want to be a divining rod for ideas, thought, and wonderful sound. So, I write this in anticipation of getting this “out there” for you all to enjoy.

But for right now, I’m enjoying blasting my Marshall stack to the canyons, as it were.